Valaa is about combining the democratic and accessible nature of social content with the functionality and utility of computer software. Our mission is to introduce similar social dynamics to software development and interactive content creation that we witness today in popular video sharing platforms like YouTube. These include:

  • Creators publishing fresh content frequently (daily or weekly)
  • Audiences subscribing to their favorite content creators
  • Active and dynamic relationships between audiences and content creators
  • Ability to converse with and through the medium itself (think of video responses but in the context of games and apps)
"When it comes to an interactive network such as the Internet, the definition of “content” becomes very wide. Computer software is a form of content - an extremely important one..."

- Bill Gates, Content is King, 1996


Software is content. Logic and functionality is our medium for human communication.


AI-assisted sharing economy gives equal access and opportunity to all humans.


Foundations that enable our philosophy and economy are simple, but revolutionary.

Social Source

Software in Valaa is not static, but a constantly evolving stream of content. Users engage, adopt, dismantle, discard, improve and share content multiple times a day. They save the things they enjoy and accumulate ideas and tools, grow as users and turn into active participants.

Users can monetize their content, tools and other creations. AI-assisted IP tracking and attribution system understands the added value of individuals. This enables incremental improvement and building upon the content of others.